FENS2013 Future en Seine 2013

Future en Seine

Innovations, entrepreneurship, and Web 2, 03, something.
Some jaw dropping innovations. – but also to many startups with absolute lack of business strategy. Keyboards made by wood… The 2000-century did just call and want all keyboards back.

I am happy to see a Swedish ABB-robot drawing paintings from photos – But… ‪what’s in it for me‬?

Exchange of LBS-information. Location location location. Here we do still have something to explore. But give me some NEW ideas -Your business idea; I tell you my position so you can give me some useful information. Nawwww!!But I already have an heavy schedule. Do you think I did came without a plan for my day or from a Rumanian village without Internet connection?

Expensive Technology – YES
Business ideas – NO

But when will I see some app where I DO have the important information. I am mobile and for that reason I do GIVE and CONTRIBUTE

Augment – entertaining

Futur en Seine 2013 – film #1 par Futur_en_Seine

Futur en Seine 2013 – film #2 par Futur_en_Seine

Benny A